Saotome's  contact (Uta no Prince Sama x Reader)

Saotome's contact (Uta no Prince Sama x Reader)

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Ai By Ai-bot Updated Aug 25, 2016

You're Saotome's emergency contact for albums! You help bands and groups with their newest discs and turn them into gold. This time you'll be working with the band STARISH! But apparently Saotome has some hidden purposes... Will they come true? UtaPri males x reader (won't add Heavens unless asked).

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So I'm a 15 year old that's Vietnamese? Cool!! And Ringo is sooooo cute!!!!!!!!
lKorol lKorol May 20
I love Ai. AI Ai. XD get it cause Ai means love and I love Ai so it's Love Love haha.... Ha?.... No?... Alright...
DuuriNully DuuriNully Oct 22, 2016
They said cecil is 14 years old on season 1 but on season 2 his 16
PrincessTori13 PrincessTori13 Sep 26, 2016
Uhhhhhh..... i'm 14... but... let's say i'm 15 xD but still..... i don't understand... xD why cecil have to be younger and others so f*cking old? XD
rosella0214 rosella0214 Feb 04, 2016
Fantastic desu!!!! Can you this Updating this story pleassseeeeee!!!!?😀
nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Oct 27, 2016
K! I'm gonna be 17, since I'm only 4 years younger than that, and my real language isn't English. English is actually my SECOND language, going to first since I don't speak my BORN language too much, and the first one is Spanish.