Sterek One-Shots

Sterek One-Shots

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It is what it is By _SterekTrash_ Updated Jan 11

I love Sterek, sooo here are some short stories/imagines that I write when I get bored! 

If you have a certain one you want me to write, like any certain scenario, leave it in the comments OR message me!

[SOME MAY CONTAIN SMUT] -- Not all of them though.

                              Door open... (wide open to be exact)
                              Red marks all over ur body...
                              Smelling of Derek...
                              Two teen werewolf lie detectors...
                              Come on stiles ur not winning or going to win this. So just stop...
                              I literally could keep going all day with this list! Come on!
That's me only standing right next to Stiles doing the same thing
Moonlight233 Moonlight233 Aug 24, 2016
"You kinky son of a bitch, we don't swing that way."
                              (Obviously a lie though)
Out_Of_Her_Mind Out_Of_Her_Mind Oct 02, 2016
Derek is one of the reasons why my actual lesbian mind turns into a bisexual mind during TV shows and movies, as well as books
Serenity1800 Serenity1800 Jul 23, 2016
Your beard is on the same level of majesticness as Sam's hair...
Giu_unicorn Giu_unicorn Jul 04, 2016
                              HAVENT YOU PEOPLE EVER HEARD OF
                              CLOSING A GODDAMN DOOR NOO