Monster Falls BillxDipper

Monster Falls BillxDipper

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Queen of  Yaoi Fanfic By GravityFallsPineTree Completed

(Haha pie...+....Dean Winchester... Haha sorry had to.)

Dippers p.o.v 

I was reading out of the journal next to the lake were my twin sister was. She is a mermaid and I'm haft deer. "Look dipper I found a rock!" I didn't bother looking up from the journal. "Yea cool." I said turning an page. "Hey, you didn't even look at it." She toss the tiny rock, that leaded at my hove. I still didn't bother to look up from the journal. "Bro bro do you ever put that down." I rolled my eyes. "Come on, swim with me!" She says splashing me. "MABLE!" I jump up in anger. Luckily it did get on the journal. I sighed out of relief. "Mable, you know I hate swimming." I said putting the journal in the hole in the tree next to me. "Yea yea, I know. But I'm so bored." She swims over to me. "How about you..." I was cut off by russell in the bushes. My ears went up and Mable notice. "What is it?" She whispers to me. We both sat their in silence. Till mable spoke up. "It was probably just a squirrel." When I tho...

Paranoid-Fox Paranoid-Fox Mar 31, 2016
"Luckily it landed on the journal"
                              second death this time from hilarious mistake 
                              Time: 8:29
                              2004-2016.  We will forever be remembered 🐺
splashthebunny splashthebunny Feb 08, 2016
You have to do it like no mater what because it's supernatural and supernatural is bae!
MoganDaWuzard MoganDaWuzard Mar 21, 2016
*childish tattletale voice* Author! The video says it doesn't exist!
Paranoid-Fox Paranoid-Fox Apr 05, 2016
How is the Author able to put a non existent video in the fanfic 😲
totalyvalidhumanbean totalyvalidhumanbean Sep 14, 2016
Who els was terrified when they saw the video didn't exist😭