My Alpha And Our Friends (Boyxboy version)

My Alpha And Our Friends (Boyxboy version)

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Landon has brown/blonde shaggy hair dark blue eyes with and with pale skin that basically is cold all the time. 

Ryan has brown shaggy hair and dark brown eyes he is tan even though he playing video games all the time.

Sam, he has blonde short hair with light blue eyes he is pale and short.

What happens when these three best friends get kidnapped by three guys that can shift into wolves?

~~This will be staring my best friends and me I hope they love it~~

Same and its really annoying. I said something yesterday (as in a random fact) and everyone was like "Woah where did you learn that?" And I'm like I DONT FUCKIN' KNOW!!!
_AngelFeathers_ _AngelFeathers_ 4 days ago
Yes that is my game! 😍 my bread and butter... my BABY 😊😜
ElfkinSmut ElfkinSmut Nov 06
YOU KNOW WHEN YOU SKIN WRINKLES UNDER WATER??? THAT'S JUST YOUR FINGERS ADJUSTING THE GRIP ON EM SO YOU CAN GRAV STUFF UNDERWATER, also did you know that the unicorn was axially related to a rino and excisted 70,000 years ago? It look like a giant hairy rino but the horn on the nose was WAY bigger
Awkward_Bro Awkward_Bro Aug 10
Lol I would win, I know so many useless and dumb facts it's funny XD
You said that the characters are based off of your friends right? I have a really good friend named Ronnie
Same. if someone came to me house and said I would act the same