I've never been this nasty (BEWILDERED)

I've never been this nasty (BEWILDERED)

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Akned Mars By AknedMars Updated Aug 27, 2017


He had enough freedom, he had enough fun and he is getting bored with his life. 

Rancid Clyde Fontessa has it all but it seems that something is still missing. At the age of nineteen he acquired a lot of things all by himself, he have travelled the world, met exciting women, great people, have lived his life to the fullest and now, he is done. 

He wants something new; something solemn, something real. He is willing to abandon his lavishes and whatever it takes just to get what it is. 


Eliss Cervantez, the heiress and the ice queen. 

Known as the ice queen for being so cold and distant yet she felt like she's Rapunzel locked up in a tower waiting for her prince to come and save her. 

She feels boring and hopeless, already accepted that she will die all alone and lonely. Then she saw Clyde Fontessa again, the man she admired for being so brave and reckless, the man she envied for his freedom. Suddenly she found a light.

She felt that the ice around her is melting down fast - especially when Clyde told her not to let down her hair but to jump out of her high tower and be free because he will be there and catch her when she falls. 


The drifter and the enslaved. 

Two different poles to collide. 

I've never been this nasty



  • comingofage
  • mature
  • sliceoflife
Senyora_Tabitha Senyora_Tabitha Mar 27, 2016
Si Eliss pakipot parang si Julia lang nung Highschool pa lang. 😂😂😂
Senyora_Tabitha Senyora_Tabitha Mar 27, 2016
Hahahahaha pati tatay nila. Mga one punch man pala kayo eh 😂😂😂
reysonancero reysonancero Oct 11, 2015
Book what po ba toh book two na po b toh??nsan po ung book 1??
savjaverano savjaverano Sep 26, 2015
Oh my god! It's clyde and eliss' story! Finally! Many thanks for this po, ms. Author! At isang umiikot na palakpak po para sa first chap! ^_^
ajeng20 ajeng20 Aug 19, 2015
inaabangan ko ano reaction ni manong hall! haha ud again pls ;)
KarenShaleRiego KarenShaleRiego Aug 18, 2015
hahahahaha, nakakatuwa po ang 1st chap hihi, maraming salamat.. di naputol ang ngiti ko hanggang dulo.