Bad Blood ♢ James Potter

Bad Blood ♢ James Potter

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PaigeDyson By PaigeDyson Updated Oct 30

"Technically it wasn't on fire"

"Of course it wasn't on fire! You completely blew it up!"

In which Lily Evan's has another sister.

Thankyou!!!! The first SuperNatural quote, EVER to be seen on a Harry Potter FanFiction! I am very proud of you! Also, this made my day. I swear, I am still laughing it off!😊
This cast list tho. When u definitely watch Teen Wolf @4trisforever
Crystal doesn't deserve to be that evil bïtch crystal is an innocent flowerxD
That moment when you know that the author is a fellow Teen Wolf fan just by looking at the cast...
Do you need a editor? Because I'm one, not to offend you, just asking.