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With Child [Teen Pregnancy]

With Child [Teen Pregnancy]

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was @theoceanic By guitarsoulo Completed

Alana Valcof had a plan. She was meant to find a guy, the right guy, fall in love with him and eventually build a family with him after they were married. 

Too bad all of that went down the drain when her one night stand with Mr. Popular turns into nine months of pain, drama, and—love?

fanfiction_netflix fanfiction_netflix Sep 07, 2016
Well the cashier has no right to be judge mental bc she's a cashier probably making minimum wage even tho she's a full grown adult and probably has children of her own 🙃
Holy crap Chase Crawford! Mmm mmm. Would do him in a heartbeat! 😍
hatreds hatreds Jul 19, 2016
There's always a "Bing" at the end of his name every time I read it omfg how obsessed w/ Friends have I become??? 😂
WhatThe_HaleHoechlin WhatThe_HaleHoechlin Jun 27, 2016
Morning sickness doesn't always happen in the morning, ironically it happens at all times of the day.
DivaDD0516 DivaDD0516 Nov 22, 2016
So I'm guessing ur teachers didn't tell u about sex and what the heck happen when u don't use a condom
brooke_nk brooke_nk Apr 27, 2016
"Honestly if this happened to me I would immediately think I was pregnant."
                              "But Brooke you're a virgin"