Falling For The True Alpha~Scott McCall

Falling For The True Alpha~Scott McCall

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This is the story of sixteen year old Alexis Krasikeva Hale. Even though she lost her mother Paige Krasikeva at the age of two she and her father Derek Hale continue to face another day in the world of the supernatural. It's now been 6 years since they have returned to Beacon Hills after the devastating Hale house fire that trapped eleven people inside. Only leaving Alexis with her father, aunt and great-uncle who's been in a coma for six years. Unfortunately they didn't just come back to visit they came back on a mission, to find their missing relative Laura Hale who went missing a few months earlier. 

What secrets will be unfold as they not only find Laura but also the mysterious animal attacks that have been occurring. What will happen when Alexis meets the young teen named Scott McCall will it be love at first sight? Read to find out morning  I just rolled a
One of my first books ever written hope you like it.

Based off the hit TV series Teen Wolf!

Highest Rank: 159 in Fan-fiction

Ages 13+

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redxvines redxvines Jun 20
Paige was like 14 when she died and she only was with Derek for a few months?
God dam that was good if that was a movie I would definitely watch it
Okay because I was like how the magic hell Derek her dad when he is only like six years older then Scott. But thank you so I am am not confused anymore
When you've been trying to catch up on TW but said SCREW IT I NEED TO READ FANFICS yeet
I need someone to made a trailer for my new fan fiction book If there's teen wolf fans out there go And read my new fan fiction book "THE WOLF THAT SAVED HER" 
Deym! That made my day and made me crap my pants!!!😬😬😬