Different {Currently Editing}

Different {Currently Editing}

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Lydia A 17 year old normal girl who lived in Hawaii. But you thought wrong. She had to move to WoodBridge Virginia For Some Unknown Reason That Her Mom Would Not Tell Her.But when she gets there trouble starts to brew and it includes several young boys you know as magcon. But Lydia soon discovers herself and the things her mother kept hidden from her for her own protection. What was the thing that her Mom wanted to keep hidden? And what are the things that the magcon boys know about that Lydia doesn't? And why are the Magcon Boys involved?

In this story Lydia Morrison will have an adventure with Love and Danger.
Read this supernatural fan fiction to find out...

||Matthew Espinosa FanFiction||

2015/07/31 {First Made}
2016/10/2 {Completed}

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kjm1492 kjm1492 Jul 07, 2017
Legit creepy.. social studies teaches last name .. Morrison and we live in Virginia
TheSarcasticNugget TheSarcasticNugget Jun 30, 2017
I used to have hot pink walls when I first moved into my house... Worst color choice anyone has made EVER