Unexpected (a Harry Potter x Reader)

Unexpected (a Harry Potter x Reader)

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UNEXPECTED (Harry Potter love story)

Unexpected Key:
(y/n)=your name
(l/n)=last name
(f/c)=favorite color
(h/c)=hair color
(h/l)=hair length
(e/c)=eye color

(y/n) (l/n), a normal human being, living a normal life, or so she thought.Her life takes a turn when the 'Golden Trio' was sent to find her as well as Draco.
Watch as (y/n) life takes an UNEXPECTED turn, with an UNEXPECTED romance, and an awesome UNEXPECTED adventure..................GUESS WHO'S WRITING TEH STORAH AGAIN MY LOVELY LOVELY READERS!

YouTube_Is_Life56 YouTube_Is_Life56 Apr 25, 2016
I'm like Cinderella but I'm a witch and I'm way more badass and I'm the Sass Queen #SassQueenWitch
HistoricFandomTrash HistoricFandomTrash May 09, 2016
Me: *cough* Draco is a ferret. *cough*
                              Draco: My father will be hearing about this!
                              Me: Why? I'm a pureblood too.
                              Draco: 😐
MysteriousReader12 MysteriousReader12 Dec 15, 2015
I'm an Aquarius. Just about everything is unexpected!! I'm unexpected!!!