I was kidnapped because?|| Kidnapped by 5SOS (COMPLETED)

I was kidnapped because?|| Kidnapped by 5SOS (COMPLETED)

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~Shannon~ By AdoptedBy___ Completed

Me and my friends were just getting off of the train when we bumped into 4 people.

This train station type thing was not you're typical train station. It was empty, had a Ferris wheel type thing with train cars to take you on a "tour". Then if you run out, it's connected to a mall. I'm not really sure, but hey, I don't judge buildings.

But when these 4 strangers try to talk us into following them, it turns into a wild goose chase and only two of us make it out and return to our lives as if nothing were to happen. What's going to happen?

{Started: July 23, 2015     Ended: December 19 2015}

Wow this has so much detail!! It's like you have been in this situation before :D I told my twin sister about it and she said "Wow Like I care >:(" She is mean!! I LOVE THIS STORY!!
omg thx you RUINED 5sos for me -still <3 ya book- 
awwe i wish my brothers were home withme pouts but this aint bout me great story
Ok, why did Finn and Jack remind me of Tyler and Jøsh? 😆