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like real people do | c.g

like real people do | c.g

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-angryfeminist By -angryfeminist Updated Jun 12

❝Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips,
    We should just kiss like real people do.❞
    Casey \c(a)-sey\ "alert, watchful"
    Casey Jenner has been with her father, locked up in the CDC, since the outbreak. After seeing her father's colleges, and even her own mother perish to flesh eating monsters, she stops kidding herself and starts training for the day she gets out of the facility and has to face the real world.
    Although that day might have to come sooner than she'd like, everything starts to sink in as she decides to ignore her father and ask Vi what the countdown on the wall means.
    Casey doesn't really want to face the outside world, especially since her father seems so keen on staying until the end, but she also doesn't want to die in that building at the young age of twelve. All she finds herself doing is training, waiting, and hoping that something happens.
    So, when Rick Grimes and his group enter the CDC wanting help, it seems like her prayers were answered. Leaving the building and stepping into a walker-infested world after losing what's left of her family isn't the easiest thing to do, but she has a new group of people ready to help her.
    But still, something for the pain would always help, and the boy with the pretty eyes seems like a good enough distraction.
    DISCLAIMER: All rights go to AMC, Robert Kirkman, Frank Darabont, Gale Anne Hurd. I only own Casey Jenner and her plot lines, nothing else.
  And concerning GIFS, none of them are mine. If you see one that belongs to you, message me so I can give you credit, or (if you want) take it down.
    [started: 20th of july]
    [published: 15th of august]
    [seasons 1-7]

epicgal05 epicgal05 Jun 08
That'd be me, like "no wait there's people here never mind goodbye"
Why you gotta be so ruuuude don't you know he's human toooo???
epicgal05 epicgal05 Jun 08
Oh, Harry Potter? I think you mean THE BEST BOOKS OF ALL TIME EVER
I'm British and I'm used to calling it philosopher's stone but YASSS I LOVE HARRY POTTER
Raybans4 Raybans4 May 19
Is there still a money bag or a sneaker because I was either one of those.
"The news?? AGAIN?"
                              "Well it changes everyday you see"
                              (I apologize if this isn't the exact wording. It's been a while since I've read the series)