The 100 Preferences

The 100 Preferences

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Bellamy: he likes to give surprise hugs. Most of the time he will hug you from behind and kiss your neck but he gives you a real hug it's always a tight hug and he will make sure everyone sees it. He wants to show that you are his and no one else. 

Finn: he loves hugs, it's probably his favorite thing. He always hugs you tightly, both of his arms wrap around your waist and he always puts his head in your neck, kissing it. 

Monty: his hugs last longer than others. He wants to show that he's there and that he's not leaving. His hugs are always different, sometimes his arms are around your waist sometimes there over your shoulders. 

Jasper: you too don't see each other much because he's always helping around with almost everything and you are always helping Clarke with keeping everyone calm and under control so when you do hug and are together it's always wonderful. He will always pick you up when you hug, he will sometimes spin you around and he will sometimes kiss your nose or your f...

butnotbecauseweregay butnotbecauseweregay Apr 16, 2016
Bellamy calm yo ass down I love and you all but-
                              You know what? Never mind.I love that so much .