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The hidden Dragon: Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the dawn) fan fiction

The hidden Dragon: Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the dawn) fan fiction

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Tebocchi By Tebocchi Updated Feb 09

Kira, Hak's adoptive sister and Princess Yona's best friend/bodyguard. She's known as the Phantom Samurai, all due to the fact that she possesses extraordinary skills and unmatched speed. 

One day, the murder of the king by the hands of the man she loves, Soo-Won, forces the naive princess to flee for her life with her two bodyguard.s, Hak and Kira. After a priest guides Yona towards the right path, they go on a search to find the dragons of prophecy. 

    It was then when all the Dragon Warriors assembled that something dark was revealed from Kira's past.

I would like to say that Akatsuki no yona doesn't belong to me but to it's rightful owner. BUT Kira does belong to ME along with some of the plot lines. If you steal my Kira, ideas or plot, I'll HAUNT YOU and won't leave you be!! :)

I'm 172cm at 18. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing...
Dragon_Rider_Jazz Dragon_Rider_Jazz Aug 20, 2016
Ah, gomen Author-chan, but I think you meant "week" instead of "weak". I only caught it re-reading your book, I don't mean to be a bother
That's a little funny since in one of the episodes yoon told hak that he is more like the black dragon than the yellow dragon
Sh1zuka Sh1zuka Apr 24, 2016
Poor yona she's to dense to notice that soo-won loves Kira and not her, ughh the irony 😩😑
SakiraKamui SakiraKamui Jul 13, 2016
In my 3rd generation of the Vocaloids,I was thinking about her name should Kira daughter of the Pink and White Dragon!LOL!
Pluviophile06 Pluviophile06 Jun 27, 2016
Maiden's heart eh? To me it sorta seems that soo-won is also having the maiden's heart