Unwanted. Broken. Abused

Unwanted. Broken. Abused

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'What does it feel like to be loved? What does it feel like to belong?
What does it feel like to have a family?

Thats just the thing. I don't know. All I've ever known is the hate and abuse I face every day. Everyday.

Everyday fearing what comes next. Fearing what new horrors Harvey has come up with. Always. Everyday.

Everyday waking up to pain. Everyday wanting to die. Everyday being unable to relive myself of the pain.

This is my life.'

Meet Hope Evans. Abused. Mute. Broken

She feels like nothing could ever fix her  messed up world.

But when the school's bad boy comes flying into her life, things start to  change.

For better? I don't know.

Trinity339 Trinity339 Mar 14
U know it's bad when the verbal abuse hurts more then the physical
@Krystal_ice123 I agree with you: he doesn't deserve a name cause he's not human, he's a monster
Well then he definitely won't approve of what will come out of her mouth when she be doin the nasty 😉
Or hes weak at punching and he has to rely on abusing her verbally
How can a small noise wake someone up more than the possibility of an alarm clock. Just saying.
Harley? Let's call him Barley! Wait what?! Harley is Harvey? So he's Barney. Oh well