Chyna Doll 2 - Cant Escape The Past

Chyna Doll 2 - Cant Escape The Past

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♔ By GoldenGoddessR Completed

Different state, new friends . . . same bullshit!

There's always somebody lurking in the background, somebody who you never thought you'll see again, but even though all is forgivin' nobody truly forgets.

Chyna can never seem to escape tragic situations. Even though she's in college in another state it seems her past still wants to follow her. Let's just hope she can get through everything this time around. Without having to cause harm to anyone.

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I know who is cause its my scound time reading but im not gone tell nobody😋😌💀
Arguing on a Saturday...when that's the time to watch cartoons sit in your pjs and eat junk all day
Tj??? Or Jade boyfriend brother Brandon cause they dope boys
SimplyZay_ SimplyZay_ Sep 23, 2015
The season finalllyyyyyyyy yassss bihhhhh lmaoo #clears throat# sorry I got ratchet llh!
AngelicaDeniro AngelicaDeniro Jul 27, 2015
I'm excited to see what's in store for the next installment of this book