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thatgirlyouknow3 By thatgirlyouknow3 Updated Feb 04

*This is my first BDSM erotica. So please take it easy with me lol. Hope you all enjoy. 

*If there are any errors, feel free to comment about them. Also, most of the locations or events stated in this book are fictional. I do apologize for the lack of description at some points in the story, especially of the setting. 

*As a first time story writer, I value your opinion which will help to better me as an author. Your opinions will be taken into deep consideration so, as stated earlier, any corrections and, in addition, suggestions would be lovely. 

*Regarding to updating, I really am sorry for the late updates. I'm busy and also, I find it hard to sum up the energy to sit and write the story. I do thank you for your patience. Thank you for voting for my story and even reading it.

Again, Thank you! Hope you enjoy.

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