The Other Argent

The Other Argent

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I'm the other Argent...yes I am the little sister of Allison Argent. I'm also apart of Scott's pack...which is stressful when you're the youngest out of them. I'm a sophomore but taking junior classes so in a way I am a junior. My best friends are Scott and Stiles, sometimes Isaac. I am a skilled hunter...even better than Allison, if I do say so myself. My preferred weapon are knives and a sword but I also am very good at archery like Allison. Our dad wanted us both to know how to do archery but I picked up knives and a sword. I also have a gift, a rare gift. I don't know where I got it from. Apparently I am the most powerful witch Beacon Hills has ever seen. I'm Macy Argent...and this is my story. Wow, that was such a cliché!

This is an Isaac Lahey love story. Season 3a of Teen Wolf.

I feel legally obligated to say I do not own MTV's show Teen Wolf. Jeff Davis does.

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Angel_Queen24 Angel_Queen24 Jul 05, 2017
Low key checking to see if she would correct him. I know what ur doing issac
XxRennyDxX XxRennyDxX Jul 11, 2016
petite_biscuit petite_biscuit Dec 17, 2016
Why am I imagining Moose from Step Up? Like seriously, that's all I can think about now
KewtieBrock KewtieBrock Aug 05, 2016
I need an ok card. Why are parents in tv series so understanding. They even suggest their children stay home. In my case even if i look like a zombie I still have to go to school. 🤔
primarities primarities Feb 09, 2016
allisons such a bitch on this. im trying not to hate her wtf
xvminds xvminds Aug 30, 2016
Is the description of the story is real or you just made it that way to attract people?