999 Days From Now (destiel)

999 Days From Now (destiel)

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An AU in which a recovered alcoholic Dean owns a diner, Sam is in law school and is clueless about the way Jess looks at him, and Cas? Well, Cas turns Dean's world upside down and maybe, just maybe, gives him a reason to have a little faith.

The love of a lifetime told in a heartbeat.

Written for the DCBB 2014, also posted on AO3. You can see the accompanying artwork here: http://archiought.tumblr.com/post/102540065357/999-days-from-now-dcbb-2014-art-masterpost

Warnings for MCD, angst, and mentions of previous drug/alcohol abuse and child neglect.

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Leverance Leverance Jun 19, 2017
In another world, Dean, she is a hardcore SPN fan. I would run if I was you.
Anubysss Anubysss Jan 16
Eldoise_W Eldoise_W Jun 12, 2017
Dean: "He's my cherry pie"
                              Cas: "I'm his cherry pie"
                              Like, the fanart? It's so cute
Anubysss Anubysss Jan 16
I just watched a show with an character named Mercedes, now I’m imagining Sammy and that chick going at it. I do not like it
dean_winchester24 dean_winchester24 Jul 24, 2017
I've read this story last year and I still find myself reading it over and over again.. I also read it on Ao3. I love this story so much... I always cry every time I read it.. Thank you so much @dearcollectress for writing such a wonderful piece like this...
ProfessorMoriarty_ ProfessorMoriarty_ May 25, 2017
my grandpa reads those books to us except he replaces the name of any food they mention with mushrooms