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I screamed. One pill. 
I shivered.  Two pills.
Finally. I dozed off, feeling light on my feet, with the dose that has saved me from the troubles of my world. My horrible world. The one I wished that I could've just taken away. 
Thanks to these two. These two magnificent pills. But don't take it wrong, I'm not a drug addict. I am just one who is terrified of who they are, and what I am truly am. The real me.


The taste of blood in my mouth was familiar. The sensation of pain was too. 
Broken ribs, broken bones, punches and kicks.

Needles pumping medicine into my blood to keep my small fragile body alive. Well,
I guess you can say I've experienced it.

Now let me ask you something. 
Do you think, maybe, after all that i've been through, all the abuse, the neglect, that I should've just died? Honestly.

Humans have glass hearts and strings that hold them together. If their glass heart shatters and all the strings pop what do they have left?

Warning✕!: Story is triggering to audiences that are sensitive to suicide and cutting.

Hey guys it's me Victoria and I'm just here to bring you Un-Savable. 
I hope you guys like the book!
Love, Vic♡
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badboys_turn_me_on badboys_turn_me_on Aug 30, 2015
Alex is a jerk.....but Alex is a nice name, u should've gave him a shitty name -.-