T i m e | BTS Jimin Fanfic | 방탄소년단

T i m e | BTS Jimin Fanfic | 방탄소년단

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exovibes By exovibes Updated Oct 24, 2015

For 10 years, I was his best friend.

For 10 years, I watched him.

For 10 years, I protected him.

For 10 years, I was there for him.

For 10 years, I loved him.

Yet, it only took him 1 painful second to break my heart.


T i m e // exovibes

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Rinoceros Rinoceros Dec 21, 2017
excuse meh, but my pointer was 3.5 and im pretty sure its higher than yours
Heh, our teacher tought us good
                              On the firs day of preskool
                              "Ok, im *insert teacher name* and one thing i would like you to know, y'all don't have cooties. Now at the end of the year, you have a spring dance and will have to hold hands. Now get to work.
Unfortunately bighit only allows males
                              But whatever I'll still read this
mysmeaddiction mysmeaddiction Sep 25, 2017
                              In BigHit Entertainment, they only accept boy groups. Also, you have to be married to be a make-up artist for BTS.
faboulesyou faboulesyou Aug 21, 2016
Her co-workers, she is blessed with nice people as co workers
Helloimtrashcan Helloimtrashcan Oct 23, 2016
My future co-workers: imma beat your ass if yOU EVEN TOUCH HIS HIM.
                              Me:* touches his faceu and looks at them winking*
                              Co-workers: *slaps tf outta ma souuulll