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Dangerous Conceit

Dangerous Conceit

6.4M Reads 264K Votes 61 Part Story
Ali By ali-lee Completed

Poor, neglected Lexi was exchanged for debt at seventeen.  At twenty-two, she is now a killer under the guise of bartender.  Her and three friends have been under the strict hand of Moretti with no choice but to aid him in his savage attempts for power. Escaping him is futile.  With a four year old girl in their midst, the women will do anything to protect her. They still have not found the girl's father, and the clues stop in Miami. 

Then Moretti raises the stakes. He wants Lexi and her friends to kill crime boss, Angelo Tomassi. He is insane. When he has them work as Angelo's employees, the women devise a plan of their own. They will ask Angelo for assistance in retaliating against Moretti. What Lexi does not foresee is falling for a sexy, business connoisseur who also happens to be Angelo's right hand man, Rafa. To make the matters worse, Angelo learns about the women's connection to Moretti, before they ever have the chance to explain.   

Seth smirked at her answer.  "Seems like attraction to me."  He poured the mixture into the two remaining glasses and carefully placed them on a tray.

"Please, I was simply being cordial like a good employee.  I promise you that I am in no way attracted to Mr. Paolini...just like any other man who comes in here."

"Is that right?"  Rafa rested both arms on the bar with contempt for her statement, a profuse blush now spreading across her cheeks at being overheard.  "That is quite unfortunate for you, Lexi.  After a remark like that, I just might make attempts to change your mind."  He narrowed his eyes at her with a dangerously, challenging smirk upon his lips.  Having heard the rumors about Rafa, Seth quickly grabbed the tray and maneuvered around Lexi's frozen body, refusing to look the man in the eyes.

"Come here, Alexis."

s1harudd598 s1harudd598 Mar 25
No plz I like this book lot you can't do this I already read it like 2 times, don't do this🙏🙇
salmarm0 salmarm0 3 days ago
Idk why I  read dangerous coition 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gonegirlwho Gonegirlwho 5 days ago
When you're like 6 months into officially being 18 and realise that you can read the books with sexual content warnings without worrying about getting called out for being too "young" for them.
I in love with ur mafia  protection... hopefully  with this too.. Rafa 😊
Looking forward to this one, madia protection was amazing great job
shaw_ekaa shaw_ekaa Feb 28
Hola. Numpang promo ya kak. Buat kalian yang suka baca novel yang praktis bisa dibawa kemana aja bisa baca ebook, nah di akun ig @ebook_murah123 banyak ebook murah lho. Bayarnya via pulsa indosat 5k get 3 ebooks, 10k get 7 ebooks. Listnya? Langsung stalk aja ignya yaa