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Kidnapped For Free (editing but still updating)

Kidnapped For Free (editing but still updating)

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Demigod By TNIDAMARTHY Updated Feb 21

"Do you trust me?" I looked up at those clear, sea-green eyes and answered honestly, "Absolutely NOT!"
    He rolled his eyes, "Well, too bad!" He plopped me onto the gleaming motorcycle and sped away from the red, white, and blue sirens. 
    "Is it necessary to go so fast?!" I could practically feel his smirk as I grabbed onto him for my dear, pathetic life. "The police are already chasing us; why give 'em another reason?!" 
    "Why not, Sunshine?" And he revved the engine just to scare the crap outta me. "Besides, we lost them a while back," He slowed down a teensy bit. Emphasis on teensy. Course, my life is pretty a much one of those movies where you know exactly what's gonna happen before it happens.
    "Way to jinx it, Sir Smirks-a-Lot!" Right on cue, the night sky was lit up with flashes of red, white, and blue. The sirens were screaming through the silence. He tensed for a moment with confusion. Then he tensed with determination. Then I tensed with anticipation. 
    "What the fuuuuuuuudge are you doing?!" I screamed and mentally congratulated myself for not cursing in such a situation. 
    "You better hold on tighter, Sunshine," He went straight for the small gap in between two of the cars. Cars that were loaded with people waiting for him. And me. Even though I did nothing wrong. Oh, dear lord, I thought as my grip around his torso tightened and I pressed my cheek against his back. His laughter vibrated through his body to my cheek and he guided the motorcycle with terrifyingly controlled ease through the narrow gap as we sped away in the opposite direction.

iloilo8 iloilo8 Feb 14
Hahahaha...this is the first chap and i'm already clutching my tumny. 😂
marthaclanton marthaclanton Aug 20, 2016
Okay, may I just say that I love her quirkyness?  Now, why were they running from the police?
AlZa___ AlZa___ Nov 26, 2016
you can call me ms. clumsy-awkward-chocoholic-coffeelover-broken-simple girl
PrincessValVal PrincessValVal Dec 04, 2016
gift4realz gift4realz Jan 06
I'm trying so hard not to laugh coz my parents will think I'm crazy😂
queen-arei queen-arei Oct 14, 2016
She kinda reminds me of Anna from frozen, then again I'm one to talk