Twin Tail Assassins (Assassination Classroom Fanfiction)

Twin Tail Assassins (Assassination Classroom Fanfiction)

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Karma's Account By AkabaneKarma25 Updated Jun 20, 2017

"Let me tell you a story that happens in my life... But definitely rarely happens in other people..."

She is a former delinquent
She makes a huge mistake in her life
She chose the wrong person to be friends with
And now she's trying to start over

But what if her 'starting over' plan doesn't go as she wanted?

In other school, you weren't told to kill your own teacher...

And her past was still after her, even until this day.

What could she do to save herself and start over as she wanted?

Will she face a happy ending or a terrible ending?


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Leaderofthedevils Leaderofthedevils Aug 12, 2017
Is it bad that I would have done this and have almost done this
Shizukiro Shizukiro Jun 22, 2017
A good bit of bad grammar, but... I like the plot. I try to fix the grammar in my head.
SpiritWolfCat SpiritWolfCat Apr 12, 2017
I legit thought he was a girl until like the episode with the pool
AnimeNekoNerd AnimeNekoNerd Jul 16, 2017
You're right...I should have beaten them to death  then send them to hell 😈
anlarywilliams anlarywilliams Apr 23, 2017
Yes I can, it's my choice to beat them up and plus! They just had to steal my stuff! They deserve it anyway!
Sera_TheAngelicDemon Sera_TheAngelicDemon Aug 28, 2017
That sounds like me when someone steals my pencil
                              NO ONE STEALS AN ARTIST'S PENCIL