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Dark Skin - J.B (BWWM)

Dark Skin - J.B (BWWM)

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Oiza [ O-e-zah ] By yovngmami Completed

"At least you could've chosen a better girl..I mean she's so..dark"

WARNING: at the beginning of this story, you'll see phrases like " chocolate skin" "are you into chocolate?" and such. I know this is not cute when you're referring to black people (we're always compared with food, ugh) but I wanted it to be that way so you can notice the evolution of the carachters. Justin will stop using these words and Madison, the main carachter, as well. You'll see. 

WARNING 2: this is my very first fanfiction and it's kinda crappy because I didn't know anything about writing (I still do, but I've improved and you can/will see it in "Falling for The Enemy" and "Afrobeat" books). I still hope you'll enjoy this story, xoxo.

😭😭😭why do everybody say that dark skin girl are crazy
GirlyBunny GirlyBunny Dec 21, 2016
My parents don't care about color just as long as he's not a crackhead or something!!!!!
happyreadersunite happyreadersunite Oct 07, 2016
My mum goes from pray you catch me to don't hurst yourself real quick 😒
XbabyGilinskyX XbabyGilinskyX Aug 11, 2016
Wish my mom was cool like that. She pops off if u leave a spoon In the sink
___andreaaaa ___andreaaaa Sep 12, 2016
I feel like they just might communicate like how Snake Swift did in You Belong With Me. Ya know, writing on notebooks and holding it to the window
XbabyGilinskyX XbabyGilinskyX Aug 11, 2016
I like them all shitt I don't give af about skin color. If I find you attractive then we gonna smash lmao and that's that