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Oiza [ O-e-zah ] By yovngmami Completed

"At least you could've chosen a better girl..I mean she's so..dark"

WARNING: at the beginning of this story, you'll see phrases like " chocolate skin" "are you into chocolate?" and such. I know this is not cute when you're referring to black people (we're always compared with food, ugh) but I wanted it to be that way so you can notice the evolution of the characters. Justin will stop using these words and Madison, the main character, as well. You'll see. 

DISCLAIMER: this was my very first fanfiction and it's kinda crappy because I didn't know anything about writing. In certain parts it might not even make sense, read at your own risk LOL


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I'm Oiza Q. Obasuyi aka 'yovngmami' and I'm the author of this fanfiction.
Please do not steal, it took a lot of work to write this, message me first if you want to translate it in your mother tongue and give me credits.

I'm so glad that this is in the book because people don't even realize that white people get discriminated against too. Y'all don't even know how many times I haven't been included in something because I'm "too white" I was bullied for years based on that.
Speaking down on your own type is what's wrong with niggas these days yes i love me sum white boys but i ain't never gonna talk down on my black brothers cause at the end of the day we all family
My best friends mom is abusive. Around her I call her ma'am, around everyone else, bitch
"nO daRksKinS fAM" Well you know what my blade don't discriminate and my hands swing at every race so come for me
Maggie_what Maggie_what Sep 13
😂😂 bitch we may be crazy.. But we can hold you down bish