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Sam By sammylynn98 Updated Jul 19

Because there aren't nearly enough boyxboy stories about mates and heat.

This will be a short story! Just flexing an idea I had a while back. And hey it's hot so don't judge. 

Hope you enjoy!

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TashaTash19 TashaTash19 Sep 05
I know how that feels but instead of chalk particles it's dust particles
Are we talking about Jacob Bixenman cuz evrything looks great on him.
Seagreen19 Seagreen19 Dec 02
Besides the fact that they're still in class, I'm cool with Asher. At least he's respectful enough to ask his name before he does anything. It shows he gives a fūck.
LukaFenri23 LukaFenri23 Sep 06
If a god of guy walk into my classroom asking me to have sex win him on that very night I would've said yes. Cuz yeah, I'm closet slut.
I'll just pretend like there's not like, let's say... 20 or so people watching them and try not to be too embarrassed 😣😳
That is me right there. All I see is people around me lol😂