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Sam By sammylynn98 Updated Jul 19

Because there aren't nearly enough boyxboy stories about mates and heat.

This will be a short story! Just flexing an idea I had a while back. And hey it's hot so don't judge. 

Hope you enjoy!

Oh my god......feelings hit me hard......author thanks alot for writing this, there is no other story in which the guy will ask name first instead of having heated making out.aahh its feel like yeah he is the one who will love him for sure...aaahhh the feelings....
Is it bad that this is what I'm trying to explain to people when they ask why I'm still single🙄🤷🏾‍♀️
This is the like third time I'm reading this book and every time I read it I just feel even more second hand embarrassment
TheOnly_Kai TheOnly_Kai Jul 01
All those things describe me perfectly. Yass, I'm somewhere in the school xD
Sleeppas Sleeppas Jul 09
                              I'm trying to reply to your guys replies to my previous comments but for some reason I can't. I hope you can see this, though. Thanks for your comments, they were really clarifying! Also, I hope I didn't spark some animosity between you two.
Its end here?...........why?? God no please author dont do this..