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Jennise By Sannyaahhh Updated 14 hours ago

First Draft        -  ongoing 
Published        : 24th July, 2015
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I could never understand why grandma Liz always forbid me from venturing out during nights of full moon. 

I remember often thinking to myself; 

"what could possibly be there that wouldn't be there on other nights?"

Years passed and still the question remained unanswered. 

That is... until one night.

If only grandma knew they didn't need the full moon.

Cover   :   Sannyaahhh
Beta     :    Wonderfulgenerations

My parents are muggles and they hid my letter, my friend is a vampire slayer and he killed him, I'd rather have my Loki, my soulmate is in heaven waiting for my soul.
LivvyLove36 LivvyLove36 Jan 08
I have no problem with reading a protagonist with my name!! ❤️
WaffleWrites11 WaffleWrites11 6 days ago
I already do. Just waiting for a random wolf with red eyes to bite me, or for my late hogwarts letter. Or something pleasee 🙏🏻
angelou517 angelou517 2 days ago
It looks great! I already loved the previous version and I'm sure I will love this one as well!!!! :-) ;-) ^^
Corrin16669 Corrin16669 Jan 15
What happened to beastly!! Its missing chapters! Is it being published or edited?
Bring it I've been waiting for a long time now and I almost got my shiit together