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Jennise By Sannyaahhh Updated 6 days ago

 I could never understand why grandma Liz always forbid me from venturing out during nights of full moon. 
  I remember often thinking to myself; 
  "what could possibly be there that wouldn't be there on other nights?"
  Years passed and still, the question remained unanswered. 
  That is... until one night.
  If only grandma knew they didn't need the full moon.
  A Royal's Tale II
First Draft        -  ongoing 
Published        :  24th July 2015
Highest Rate   : #8 in Werewolf
Cover                 :  Sannyaahhh
Beta                   :  Wonderfulgenerations

llamacornsbestie llamacornsbestie 5 days ago
I'm still waiting for Batman and robin to show up and say 'hey, we are going to take you to the bat now and train to be like Batsy over there, and don't forget the best person on the team...... Me! So what do you say?'
                              And then I can rub it I my bestfriends face
bbarreda bbarreda a day ago
I don't know about werewolf and vampires but witches do exist
ivymwangi031 ivymwangi031 5 days ago
Sigh... If only this was based on a true story.. T-T 
                              Wait... ' . ' ... IS IT?!?!
I legit just sat here for 10 minutes thinking about this question
I asked my mom if werewolves were real or if I would turn into one and literally sat there waiting for her to admit it
im 14 and i am batman soooo also no owls have come yet. should i be worried?