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Jennise By Sannyaahhh Updated Nov 14

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Published        : 24th July, 2015
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I could never understand why grandma Liz always forbid me from venturing out during nights of full moon. 

I remember often thinking to myself: what could possibly be there that wouldn't be there on other nights? 

Years passed and still the question remained unanswered. 

That is... until one night.

If only grandma knew... they didn't need the full moon.

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ch3llys ch3llys Nov 12
@2Tuddie You need to read this werewolf book, it doesn't seem like the cliche ones you read. Im starting this right now. 😂
_Genieee_ _Genieee_ Nov 11
It keeps saying you've updated chapter 25 but it's leading me here :/
My letter is lost, my superpowers not yet shown, my closet have lost contact with Narnia, my soulmate is off track, I'm really  just counting on Gandalf at this point...
Perfect, because why do rougues attack in GROUPS if they DON'T have packs??
I was reading it in Morgan Freeman's voice....then it got weird
It always get annoying when most books are like that but i can already tell this isnt one of them