VIKING'S PROMISED (Lords And Aces #1) -Completed.

VIKING'S PROMISED (Lords And Aces #1) -Completed.

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They both were deprived of love.

They were bound to be as one.

They were life and death combined.

They were promised.

There were things that threatened to tear them apart;

 Their home, their country, their family.

Fire met water,
Ice met warmth,
Life met purpose. 

Either they fall into a abyss of blissful harmony,
A vortex of darkness that conquers all.

It's love,
It's war, 
It's sacrificing everything for what's ours.

Cover: The super talented @deviation- 
Historical Fiction------HighestRank: #1
Status: Completed. Will write the story again soon. :)

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SAParkes SAParkes Dec 29, 2017
There was no King of England in 783AD. England was in kingdoms, each with its own king. He can either be King of Wessex, Mercia, East Anglia or Northumbria as Kent was under Wessex rule.
duduliu duduliu Jan 30, 2017
Right now I'm sixteen, but in less than two ours I am going to be seventeen. I can't wait these hours, so I am going to start reading it now. With sixteen ;) I am such a bad ass! lol
Scribbly_1 Scribbly_1 Jun 19, 2016
Thorkel Ragnavaldson? You must really have derived that name from Thor Ragnarok
Roseborough1997 Roseborough1997 Jun 19, 2016
I swear I had just read so many chapters in this book the past few days and now there is like nothing
ekyaapinky ekyaapinky May 26, 2016
Yes you have willing to read your book but I will be disappointed if you don't reply the comments we make about your book
tothetuneofYMCA tothetuneofYMCA Feb 25, 2017
Maps: laid out
                              Weapons: sharpened
                              Warrior hearts: hardened
                              I am forcibly escorted from the anchored ships