My Dangerous Crush

My Dangerous Crush

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Avery walker is a sweet innocent girl who has a crush on Ray a typical bad boy who toy's with girls hearts and minds to get what he wants.

Avery knew what ray did to girls so when he finnally starts to take an instrest in her she put's her guard up and refuses to be left broken and insecure like all of the the other girls he has broken.

She isn't dumb like the other's he's minipulated in the past so she dose'nt fall for his tricks even though she likes him she's to smart to be minipulated by him.
Raymond Black is your typical badboy who fights has anger issues and breaks girls hearts on a daily with lies and manipulations of falling in love only to fuck them and leave.

So you may ask what could be different about avery ? 

Well it's quite simple really when he found out she liked him he watched her for awhile liked what he saw and for the first time he didn't just want a quick fuck he simply wanted her. 


A/N:I'm not good at descriptions so please excuse if this story dose'nt sound  interesting but If you think it sounds good please add it to your library and tell me what you think of it.

Also this is my first book so things may not be perfect but my writing skills improve throughout the story. 

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thanks for the update can't wait for more this chapter was great
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