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One Piece Shots

One Piece Shots

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Artificial Intelligence By AiSenpai Updated Dec 17, 2016

Y'ello there folks! 
This is a bunch of One Shots from that anime we all know about, One Piece!
Hope y'all gonna enjoy my one shots and if not, then God must be really cruel with my writing skills.

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imbeciel imbeciel Apr 11, 2016
Yeah it really would, trust me. Food is so expensive down there which is confusing since the whole place is like a giant grill
imbeciel imbeciel Apr 11, 2016
I would NEVER hand over a book screw that I'd fking kill someone if they just bent a page
Snow_wonderland Snow_wonderland Jan 31, 2016
Forbidden love.. I love them although.... I read one at school and it says stuff the other students are too dumb to know
Spirte1222 Spirte1222 Jun 27, 2016
I do that all the time. My family always get upset with me because I run away when they try to take my manga from me
BambiJackson34 BambiJackson34 Oct 04, 2016
No one ever touches my manga bc if they do I will injure them
cranerain cranerain Aug 02, 2015
I love sad romance stories. It's one of my top fav genres :D