Mafia King Wants Me

Mafia King Wants Me

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21 year old Doutzen was done with college her 4 years were done.Now she expected this as a time for her to start fresh but her family is in debt.And she has no choice but to start working at an Italian upscale restaurant to help her poor family pay the bills.And with her dads debt and her college debt she gets help from any unwanted source in an unwanted way.

   27 year old mafia boss and one of the richest billionaire Daniel Black was know to everyone as a harsh and cruel man.He played with the emotions of girls and when he set his eyes on the beautiful dutch blond Doutzen he knew she was his and he 
had to have her.

highest ranking #3 in Mystery/Thriller

**Cover by:BonitaRogue
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Sarcastic_Sara Sarcastic_Sara Jul 22, 2016
Yaaaaa now I like this book even more because it doesn't use the overused short girl look
Starmonkey27 Starmonkey27 May 05, 2016
"Who is he?" Thats the right sentence. :) hope you dont mind me corrected it. :)
Avalonhenry Avalonhenry Aug 19, 2016
I grew over night and I went from 5'9 to 5'10 ugh I wanna be short so bad
belleauthor belleauthor Dec 26, 2016
im going to imagine her 5'0 cause when i imagine tall girls i think of that one kendall jenner pic with kourtney by her side
chlomoe21 chlomoe21 Dec 09, 2016
I shouldn't be starting this right now, I need to go to bed.
Cupcakeluvver Cupcakeluvver Jun 09, 2016
Yes I love this author! Finally a book with chicks that are tall! I'm so tired of the classical short and petite look. No offence to anyone. It's a common theme that I'm noticing since everyone on this reading sight want to break the norm, but have instead created a new one.