Bad Meets Worse

Bad Meets Worse

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Madison Petrino By ephemerable Completed

How not to get hurt in a relationship?

How to get the guy crying over you and not the other way around?

All good questions, which I found myself asking last summer when I was under my bed sheets, crying so much that it physically hurt me, having eaten 3 tubs of Ben&Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, working on my melted 4th.

That summer changed me.

I was a naive girl, ready to fall in love whenever a guy would ask to borrow a pencil in class. 

But now, I've created rules for myself.. standards.

That summer I promised myself I would never let a guy hurt me in a relationship, and compiled a list of rules of a heartbreaker.

I push everyone away, in hopes of not getting hurt again, and making the boys suffer.

I follow each and every one to the dot, watching as boys are all wrapped around my finger now, me being the ring leader this time around.

That is until I move into my new house, which so happens to be right next to Layton Asher's.


He starts showing an interest in me, playing straight from the Fuckboy handbook.

Oh, but I know his game.. I invented it.

Player against player.

Bad meets worse.

Only one can win though, and one thing's guaranteed;

I'm sure as hell not getting hurt by some new boy.

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The_Outkast The_Outkast Jun 12, 2017
These look like they're from "This Is How To Be A Heartbreaker" by Marina & The Diamonds
_my_chemical_pilots_ _my_chemical_pilots_ Apr 10, 2017
dude when i was reading the description i was singing this song and now its here
JadeRaven12e JadeRaven12e Jul 20, 2016
The rules r basically the lyrics of the song "how to be a heartbreaker" just worded differently 😊😊😂
idiotfinn idiotfinn Aug 01, 2016
bruh I wanna crush someone's heart so bad cuz boys are so much I can't bro
davinalatte davinalatte Sep 23, 2016
Nope , if u don't want no one to hurt u y hurt others. Heartbreak or not everyone is not the same
Karylpz15 Karylpz15 Sep 25, 2016
Omg no like that's me I never set rules but I do all of those tbh and it's not a bad thing it's just that some people don't want any type of relationship and those rules right there are like my way of not being in one while still having fun you know?!😂😂😂