Freaks, Greeks, & Cuties

Freaks, Greeks, & Cuties

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Callie By biebernlovatoXP Updated Nov 22, 2016


Meet Callie Woodford.
Straight A student, good girl, and aka a freak.


Now meet bad boy Logan Kingston. Street Fighter, bad boy, and sex Greek like god.


Throw in some other Greek hotties and more freaks... What do you get?

Well a high school that'll make you run for the hills...



"I-am-so-so sorry!" I blink and furiously try to wipe his coffee stained shirt. Of course wiping and rubbing only makes it worse and I internally curse myself. This is a mess only a clumsy me could make.

"Get your fucking hands off. Of. Me." He seeths and now I know I've officially angered Logan Kingston, the schools bad boy.

"I could pay to get it dry cleaned?" I offer meekly when I retreat my hands, looking at the ground.

"Watch your back, freak." 
I meet his eyes and he glares at me for a full minute before stalking away.

Uh Oh.

******* Watty's 2015 *******

** WARNING: A little cliché. Box of tissues recommended while reading. Enjoy! **

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