Silence (Ziall Horlik) AU

Silence (Ziall Horlik) AU

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Brianna Lynn C. By BriannaLynnC98 Completed

Is silence a sound?

To Niall Horan, that's the only sound he's heard his entire life. He's skilled in lip reading and knows how to get his words out to talk to someone, but that still doesn't take away the fact that this boy is completely deaf.

Zayn Malik has been living the life between an outcast or a popular guy. Yet, he still hasn't found happiness in either of these things. He's a simple guy that's definitely unique in his accepting qualities.

When the Malik family get new neighbors, will everything change for Zayn? Will he find his happiness? Will he be the one to give silence a different sound?

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salzbreath salzbreath Aug 23
Yeah, give him the chance, a kiss, you're virginity. my god,  i get too excite.
MistyMinx MistyMinx Aug 31
*gasp* Niall James Horan don't you ever call yourself stupid again! You adorable freaking baby penguin
Your not a "stupid deaf kid" Niall. Your sweet and amazing. 😍💕.
Uuuummm.. They also have trouble talking because they can't hear themselves or understand what sound is being made and hearing has a lot to do with how we protect ourselves or register things such as cars coming or honking
I swear if he gets a cochlear implant! Embrace the being Deaf! Sign language is beautiful!! (I'm not deaf myself but I take ASL; American Sign Language and Deaf culture is simply amazing)
Bs Deaf people can do everything hearing people can do but hear