I'm not crazy camila/you

I'm not crazy camila/you

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"You need serious help", I tell her in a scared yet concerned tone.

She shakes her head at me with a wicked smile plastered onto her features and this mischievous sparkle in her eye as she stared at me.

"No, I seriously need you"

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- - Feb 21, 2016
I F*cking love that saying!!!!!!!
                              I said that to person or a "stranger" and then she got creeped out. I guess you could say this storytelling is real
deathlessly deathlessly Feb 24, 2016
This would actually be sweet...but since it's from a psychopath, no thank you 😂✋
KarlaJaneKordei KarlaJaneKordei Dec 11, 2015
That's in a movie somewhere isn't it. I heard it on a vine once
teddye016 teddye016 Jul 21, 2015
Damn i  can tell this story is gonna be a good one i think i under stand the concept of it  i think im talking to therapist idk :P just a thought
teddye016 teddye016 Jul 21, 2015
bish what>? so confused but seems like some deep stuff im in 
                              great start too :P