Silent Skies ( HTTYD x Nightfury!Reader

Silent Skies ( HTTYD x Nightfury!Reader

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Moona By MayaraDiasMartins Updated Jul 25, 2016

So... What if Toothless wasn't the last Nightfury?  what if there was... another?

Once upon a time, there had so many nightfuries, they flied peacefully and hunted fishes for their youngs, before the vikings hunted them down, giving them a bad fame, known by ''' The Dragon made by the Devil'' Well... that was kinda rude! They hunted them down till only one lasted, Toothless.

Now with peace within vikings and dragons, they worked together for the food, fun, and the hard jobs, Toothless lived along with Hiccup, but they didnt know about a dragoness, flying in the wild and untameable skies, (Y/N) ... A pure Nightfury female.

( This story is for fun, i haven't seen a lot of people doing good fanfictions about this so.. i want to give it a try )

Shadow-Pax Shadow-Pax Jun 30, 2016
I though you said that I could be any colour I want... 
AbbyPina AbbyPina Jan 08
TORIEL IS MY DRAGON GOAT MOM............COOL UPGRDE MOM DO A DAB *toriel dabs. You are filled with DETERMINATION*
taylor_fairy taylor_fairy Feb 03, 2016
Omgurd he talks *remembers what happened in httyd2 when he got a mother pare of flaps do he could make sharp turns
And just because of that something is going to happen to my wings isn't?😒