Come see me ( Medic x Reader)

Come see me ( Medic x Reader)

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You got injured in battle and refused to get help from the medic. Now he's mad at you and he can't focuse on anything

I do not own TF2 or any of the character. The company valve is the amazing owner of these people. and well you belong to you. 

Also artwork is not mine.

WolfinaTheCanadianDJ WolfinaTheCanadianDJ Mar 26, 2017
Me likey machine gun *Licks it* I LIKE IT SO MUCH THAT I LICK IT!
BloodyBirb BloodyBirb Apr 20, 2017
gg scout boi.
                              You dun messed up.
                              The scout has intelligence to begin with??? (Ik it's capture the flag, I've played it before)
Matplier2232 Matplier2232 May 22, 2017
I don't know whether to start laughing, or to start saying HORRAY FOR HEAVY!! 😂😂😂😂😂
jibberish_child jibberish_child Dec 16, 2017
Russian bean.
                              Russian bean.
                              Has come to save my ass.
rainykillaka rainykillaka Dec 05, 2016
O.o ...Run run 🏃  🍌 📞  >:D 💍 💍 💍  🍌 📞  >:3
Unlukylprcan Unlukylprcan Dec 30, 2016
Please let this be a thing where there is a spycrab and spyfrog