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Little Miss Gotham

Little Miss Gotham

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marvelobsessed By marvelobsessed Completed

Sophia Thompson is the daughter of the mayor of Gotham City; a place she dreads and knows will never compare to Metropolis as much as her father tries. As she strives to leave the city with ambitions that go farther than her family's, she's stopped dead in her tracks by the one and only, infamous, and completely insane Joker.
While Harley's stuck in Belle Reve Prison and Joker's out of Arkham, he's in desperate need of a new accomplice and who is better than the daughter of the mayor himself? After psychologically torturing Sophia onto his side, the two of them stir up crime in Gotham that was believed to have calmed down. But the more time they're together, the harder it is to hide Sophia's secret, criminal identity and it's villains against villains in Sophia's new world. 
On top of all of that, she just may be falling for the most ruthless, heartless, and  emotionless man in the world.

Just water!? Don't limo's have that awesome champagne?! 😦
sashh20 sashh20 Apr 24
Y'all kinky as hell damn😂😅 y'all need Jesus 😇👼👅
GeenaMegran GeenaMegran May 07
Holy water I'm selling holy water to those who call joker daddy *hands out holy water*
Nameria Nameria May 17
I should not be turned on by a 45 years old man telling me to shut up
Wroetoramos Wroetoramos Jun 18
Where are you now?, Where are you now, Where are you now?, Was it all in my fantasy?, Where are you now?, Were you only imaginary?
Wroetoramos Wroetoramos Jun 18
wow i'm listening to tired by alan walker ft gavin james right now and one of the lines fit this scene perfectly "i see those tears in your eyes, i feel so helpless inside, oh lord there's no need to hide, just let me love you when your heart is tired"