I will love you always (Billdip)

I will love you always (Billdip)

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(This is my first Billdip fanfic so...enjoy!? :D Sorry if there's mistakes TTnTT I'm only human and I wrote this when I was 11/12 and I was a thirsty fangirl so yea...) 


Dipper and Mabel finally come back to Gravity Falls after four long years and everything has changed.Dipper meets a guy named Thad and Bill gets jealous of Thad because he thinks Dipper like Thad more than him.Soon,Bill takes Dipper away from Thad and it's a battle to the death to win Dipper's heart.

(Big Thanks to my Bestie in the admin world,Cathy Castro.I wouldn't be writing this fanfic if it weren't for her.)

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ambi2006 ambi2006 Apr 04
😂😂😂😂 Shooting Star they found out yer a boy 😂😂😂😂
XxRirenxX XxRirenxX Aug 12
Oml....Mabel...I didn't know you were teams 
                              WElCOmE TO ThE LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 COMMUNITY
You seem to not be placing space after punctuation, and I highly suggest you do so. For example, you type like this: "Hi,my name is Mabel.I like sweaters.Do you?" When it should be: "Hi, my name is Mabel. I like sweaters. Do you?"
                              Just a suggestion though; you do what you like :D
TamashiSama TamashiSama Jul 14
Dipper giggled?
                              *imagines Dipper giggling*
                              *exits story*
                              *adds as many Dipper x Readers to library as possible* 
                              I can die happy now.
                              Thank you for that
AmourTacoChat AmourTacoChat Jul 05, 2016
Suddenly I am hungry for bacon....*starts chasing Waddles with a bib, fork, and knife*
Dr_daughter Dr_daughter Sep 14, 2016
Nephew is a boy it would have to be niece and nephew...because niece is a girl