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I will love you always (Billdip)

I will love you always (Billdip)

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Kms✨ By shipperofallthings Completed

(This is my first Billdip fanfic so...enjoy!? :D Sorry if there's mistakes TTnTT I'm only human and I wrote this when I was 11/12 and I was a thirsty fangirl so yea...) 


Dipper and Mabel finally come back to Gravity Falls after four long years and everything has changed.Dipper meets a guy named Thad and Bill gets jealous of Thad because he thinks Dipper like Thad more than him.Soon,Bill takes Dipper away from Thad and it's a battle to the death to win Dipper's heart.

(Big Thanks to my Bestie in the admin world,Cathy Castro.I wouldn't be writing this fanfic if it weren't for her.)

ambi2006 ambi2006 Apr 04
😂😂😂😂 Shooting Star they found out yer a boy 😂😂😂😂
You seem to not be placing space after punctuation, and I highly suggest you do so. For example, you type like this: "Hi,my name is Mabel.I like sweaters.Do you?" When it should be: "Hi, my name is Mabel. I like sweaters. Do you?"
                              Just a suggestion though; you do what you like :D
TamashiSama TamashiSama Jul 14
Dipper giggled?
                              *imagines Dipper giggling*
                              *exits story*
                              *adds as many Dipper x Readers to library as possible* 
                              I can die happy now.
                              Thank you for that
AmourTacoChat AmourTacoChat Jul 05, 2016
Suddenly I am hungry for bacon....*starts chasing Waddles with a bib, fork, and knife*
Dr_daughter Dr_daughter Sep 14, 2016
Nephew is a boy it would have to be niece and nephew...because niece is a girl
I always thought that grunkle was for grandpa uncle........... but i havent watched gravity falls in such a long time so.......