Can't Say No // Louis Tomlinson

Can't Say No // Louis Tomlinson

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"Well I don't really have a choice, do I?" I asked. He chuckled and shook his head.
"Nope." Louis replied. "Well then. Louis William Tomlinson, I'd love to be your girlfriend." 

This is the story of me and my love, Louis Tomlinson.

(A/N: the first few chapters are kinda blah but I promise it gets better!

Obviously you are fraternal you can't be identical if you are different genders 😂
                              I like the plot of this though 😊
My BFF Brianna's bro Brandon is practically MY brother. Me and Brianna were born 10 mins different, she's was born 11:55 pm May 22, I was born 12:05 am May 22, soooo...... WE COULD TOTALLY BE TWINSIES!!!!!! And we DO look alike..... Anyways...... Brandon is totally like how Niall is right now.