My Online Boyfriend

My Online Boyfriend

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_Louis_Directioner_ By _Louis_Directioner_ Updated Jul 24, 2016

Do you think that I am addicted to the internet? Maybe, why not? Anyone can be. No!! I AM NOT!!!!  Actually, I don't think that  I am. My sister always tells me that I'm addicted to the internet. Why? Because I stay the whole day staring at my laptop screen in my room. And when the battery dies out from the laptop, I hold my iPad. And during night, when its bed time. My iPad's battery dies out too. I charge it during night and go to the mobile. I choose the mobile as the last device to be using. Because, after Mum yelling at me to stop using these devices. I go under my duvet with my mobile. I was caught once with my mobile  during night. Mum woke up earlier than usual and I was shocked by her voice saying

"What is this light coming under your duvet, Alice?"

Oopps thats Mum, she will take the phone away from me. And she won't give it back to me but after 2 days!!

2 days??!!!!! 2 whole days!!!! NO thats a lot!!! I have to think about something to tell her.




"N-nothing. I woke up suddenly and I only wanted to check the watch."

Yes!! Good one, Alice

I high fived myself mentally

Of course I won't tell her that I was chatting with him

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