Obsession [ON HIATUS]

Obsession [ON HIATUS]

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Sabyrn By _Brxi_ Updated Jul 30, 2017

He watched Mika from a distance, until he couldn't handle it anymore. He started watching her every  move, following her every step. He was so captivated by her, until she became his obsession...

Mika had a life, that he couldn't bare to not be apart of. He watched her followed her, he'd even kill for her.... Psychotic is what he was....and she made him this way.....she just didn't know it....until it was to late...

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RosaHutchons RosaHutchons Apr 28, 2017
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Melanin_Meme Melanin_Meme Nov 21, 2017
Did anyone else think about that liberty mutual car insurance thing where it was like no one can replace brad
Swirly_gurl Swirly_gurl Aug 06, 2017
I'm confused... who is talking and who is under attack? I have an idea, but the switched up names through me
blairalax blairalax Dec 03, 2016
Johnson is my last name>_< my imagination bout to run wild asf