The Other Team (Boyxboy) [Larcel AU] {Mpreg}

The Other Team (Boyxboy) [Larcel AU] {Mpreg}

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"Oh, and Marcy?"
"Next time, it'll be on your lips"

{Or the one where Louis is the popular punk kid, tattoos littering his entire body, piercings on his eyebrows and in his nose and lip, girls falling all over him, even a few guys, including Marcel. Marcel is the school's nerd, constantly bullied and beaten for his shy, awkward demeanor. He receives straight A's and has no friends. In other words, he's the stereotypical nerd, big glasses, lots of allergies, asthma and that classic stutter. On paper, these two boys would never be together. What will happen in real life?}

[Book Cover credits to @rogueink]

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Larry_Horan_X Larry_Horan_X Oct 29, 2017
Same about the virgin part!  Like I’ve never even held hands with a boy😂
28LS1D 28LS1D Sep 24, 2017
Am I the only one that thinks this situation is weird? Like, the same person is bullying and being bullied himself
009000909q 009000909q Aug 27, 2017
what is the last name of marcel then ??..I AM EXCITED NOW..MARCEL AND HARRY ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE :D
Charlee_is_a_Rose Charlee_is_a_Rose Oct 22, 2017
Same 😂 gets called a slut but I’m 17 and never even kissed anyone
I wish someone could translate this to Spanish, so more people could appreciate this piece of art 💕...
seriouslyjuunn seriouslyjuunn Jul 11, 2017
For a second I was like "Wait what? But Harry's the one being bullied." And then I soon realised that 'Harry' is supposed to be Marcel. Yeah. This comment probably doesn't make sense and it's also quite pointless but I already wrote it so no turning back now. xD