Keeping me Sane {Draco Malfoy}

Keeping me Sane {Draco Malfoy}

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Cassidy Milburn is very close to a fellow wizard by the name of Ronald Weasley, his family too of course. Then Cassidy unexpectedly moves far away. 
They are reunited at Platform 9¾ and promise to be best friends no matter what. But when Ron is put in Gryffindor and Cassidy is put in Slytherin, a boy starts pulling their Friendship apart. She might think Slytherin was the worst thing that ever happened to her but she's the best thing that happened to Draco Malfoy.

They keep each other sane.

A certain deal that happens between the two influences her life from then on, can she deal with the changes.

This is a Draco Malfoy fanfiction but Ron is very important to it. Ron was there throughout her childhood so that's why he's in the description a lot.

Every character except Cassidy, And a few select characters are J.K Rowlings. This story follows the plot of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Plot based off of movie NOT book.)

I've read quite a bit and your story already is really good and interesting to me.
First, but it seems good so far! I like and appreciate that your grammar is correct so far in your story!