Fiore High (A Sting x Reader fanfic)

Fiore High (A Sting x Reader fanfic)

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| Neo Culture | By reflectjin Updated Aug 14, 2016

(Y/N) is new to Fiore High. She lives the typical small girl standing up to the popular girl life.  Typical drama, typical problems, until she finds out magic still exists.
A/N: when you're bad at writing descriptions lol XD, anyway- thanks for taking time to read! Enjoy~

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or any of its characters

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I like how we have different friend groups than in other stories, where we are friends with Lucy and all that but in this one we have Minerva, Milliana and Cana. (I'm only like halfway through, so don't blame if it changes)
TIME FOR A SONG! Y-ya u-umm sh’t
                              F’uck fake friends, I don’t need them. (Get the song?)
What do you call a dick that’s cocky and sexy nothing just a dick
Cue the moaning from the boys(anyone have this problem at their school too?)
Ariasilvers Ariasilvers Aug 28
I had to read the rest of the sentence and when I finally got it I'm just like 😮
When I first say Sting in the anime I was all like 
                              “ITS A GUY WITH A CROP TOP ON NO TRUST HIM!”
                              Like ten seconds later I was all like
                              “Crop top guy got abs 👌❤️😍😏😉
                              Then I was like