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Inuyasha x reader One shot's

Inuyasha x reader One shot's

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Diabolik-writer By Diabolik-Writer213 Updated Feb 08


HoneyBuddhaChips_God HoneyBuddhaChips_God Oct 31, 2016
=_=).....I.....I thought I was....a human....WHY IN THE HELL AM I SUDDENLY A FECKING WOLF DEMON SHET!? I like being a human being not some creature. I came with kagome too sooooo WTF AUTHOR!?
Sesshomaru1023 Sesshomaru1023 Dec 08, 2016
How about another Naraku one - don't judge not a lot of people like him
                              I really like your stories lol
Echowolfgirl11404 Echowolfgirl11404 May 31, 2016
Or seshomaru  but I would jump of a cliff for seshomaru so.....................yaaa...............
CodilynLunn CodilynLunn Jan 17, 2016
Could you do a sick Inuyasha x half fox demon reader please?
MrFazbearXx MrFazbearXx Oct 06, 2015
Nah I Would Stay With Inu-Chan 
                              If Inuyasha,Sesshomaru&Koga Were Real They would Get Irritated With Me And Love Me At The Same Time
                              They would get irritated because i would braid their hair
                              They would love me 
                              Because who wouldnt everyone loves me even if im Bipolar Im Psycho AF
PastelASAP PastelASAP Aug 30, 2015
The group saved you from a village sacrificing you to the flying demons and you're now traveling with them. You're a dog demon and inuyasha is literally your hero. Damn half bread thief. Stealing hearts like its nothing. *~*