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Inuyasha x reader One shot's

Inuyasha x reader One shot's

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Diabolik-writer By Diabolik-Writer213 Updated Jun 09


I love how Koga instantly forgot about Kagome as soon as he met me
Pandicorn_Nancy Pandicorn_Nancy Oct 31, 2016
=_=).....I.....I thought I was....a human....WHY IN THE HELL AM I SUDDENLY A FECKING WOLF DEMON SHET!? I like being a human being not some creature. I came with kagome too sooooo WTF AUTHOR!?
Sesshomaru1023 Sesshomaru1023 Dec 08, 2016
How about another Naraku one - don't judge not a lot of people like him
                              I really like your stories lol
Echowolfgirl11404 Echowolfgirl11404 May 31, 2016
Or seshomaru  but I would jump of a cliff for seshomaru so.....................yaaa...............
CodilynLunn CodilynLunn Jan 17, 2016
Could you do a sick Inuyasha x half fox demon reader please?
MrFazbearXx MrFazbearXx Oct 06, 2015
Nah I Would Stay With Inu-Chan 
                              If Inuyasha,Sesshomaru&Koga Were Real They would Get Irritated With Me And Love Me At The Same Time
                              They would get irritated because i would braid their hair
                              They would love me 
                              Because who wouldnt everyone loves me even if im Bipolar Im Psycho AF