Help From A Golden Boy (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Help From A Golden Boy (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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delaite2789 By delaite2789 Updated May 20, 2017

Annabeth Chase has never had a good life.
At the age of 7 she became a orphan and has been in an abusive foster home ever since. Her foster father is always pushing her to be the best in school, even though he think she's worthless, so Annabeth is basically the nerd of the school. And just like almost every nerd, she's bullied bad. Annabeth wants nothing more than to get out of there.

Then there's Percy Jackson, who's Goode High's 'Golden Boy' - good grades, captain of the swim team, never gets in trouble, kind, and has looks that makes all the girls swoon over him, but he only cares about one girl who he's had a crush on for forever: Annabeth Chase.

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YourRoyalAwkwardness YourRoyalAwkwardness Jul 11, 2017
I'm rereading this story and I still read Bob instead off Rob
YourRoyalAwkwardness YourRoyalAwkwardness Jul 11, 2017
I will never have to worry about that because even if they got past my ugliness, what I do on a Friday night would send them running. I read for like 2 hours. Then draw for another 2, then binge something on Netflix till 4 AM and then read somemore
Buddy_2002 Buddy_2002 Nov 06, 2017
She’s not wrong. His death will probably be because of him being sassy at the wrong time.
bookfever05 bookfever05 Mar 03
Doesn’t he play Loki in The Avengers and in Thor Ragnarok?
Oh I thought someone stoll your car radio and you had to sit in silence
BlueRose267181 BlueRose267181 Jul 15, 2017
The only one I agree with is Octavain, but I still really love this story. #reread