Gaara X Reader

Gaara X Reader

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You saw him kill kids that were bullying him, you walked up to him not scared at all, since then you two have been great friends.....but can you be more.

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That took y'all six years?!? Y'all suck. I could be in Canada right now
Did you miss the part where it was self defense?  I mean that doesn't really justify murder, but maybe you should rethink your parenting tactics.
Estelacastro06 Estelacastro06 a day ago
I agree with all of the girls on earth that guy is a pervert
F the police! 
                              Got to go got to go got to go got to go  got to go got to go
I will cut you!
                              If you're gonna hit the queen you best Dam well kill the queen! #queenbïtćh
Well your son should bully people, or did you skip that part of the video?!!?