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Forever Alone (Book 1 of the Misguided Killer Series)

Forever Alone (Book 1 of the Misguided Killer Series)

16K Reads 822 Votes 21 Part Story
YamiAngelOfTheNight By YamiAngelOfTheNight Completed

Jeff has always felt the weight of being alone. Even with the other Creepypasta, he was the freak; the outcast. They believed he was demented and insane, and maybe he was. Did it matter? Did that insanity, something they all shared, make him undeserving of emotion? He felt. He wasn't cold and emotionless like people believed. He was a person and while he might be demented that didn't mean he couldn't feel. He could laugh, he could cry, he could feel fear. He could feel love. But never in front of others. Never. Despite the hand reaching for him through his darkness, he felt Forever Alone. Could that change? Could someone like him find someone to love?

UnicornAbyss UnicornAbyss Oct 01, 2016
TheYaoi-bulance TheYaoi-bulance Jan 17, 2016
Funny. White is such a visible color, these policemen must be color blind!