Part Of Me (Ereri / Riren)✔️

Part Of Me (Ereri / Riren)✔️

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When you are born, you are born with a necklace. Attached to this necklace is half an object or symbol. Your soulmate holds the other half on their necklace. When you are closer to the person, you get warmer, the father away you are the colder you get. Eren Jaeger, a sad 19 year old with still no warmth in his body. Has never felt warmth, only coldness, and keeps his necklace hidden under his shirt, tucked away from the public eye. What will happen when he meets the mysterious, French man, Levi Rivaille?

-OfficialVibes [was Thesebrokenstones] [On Wattpad]

~I don't own any of these pictures nor videos and not even these characters sadly~

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leeDnE leeDnE Aug 12
I love it... I really love it...thank you for writing! Im going to read all of this 😍
My first time reading this, I swear! I bet Eren's symbol is a wing from the Scouting Legion symbol :3
Me: And Levi has cleaning supplies......
                              *Gets hit several times*owowowowowowowsorrysorrysorrysorrymybad
Annie, would match horribly with Mikasa, and she's a crystal anyway. But I love the concept of the book so far
'And Sasha has Connie' the only straight couple on the Snk OTP
-kmjin -kmjin Apr 02
I'm keep thinking of frozen but difference she wasn't bothered tho